A.D.A.S. Sytems

ADAS technology is a generic term for modern safety systems on cars designed to reduce and mitigate accidents.

In regards to windscreens, this is usually a camera system designed to recognise Lane Departure or objects in front of the car.


Modern ADAS systems require Re-Calibration once the windscreen has been replaced. This can involve a Static Calibration involving Diagnostic Boards and calibration jig for set up.

When checking if your car has a camera based ADAS system, you may see something like this....


These are the camera windows. Some cars have 1 , 2 or even 3 windows depending on what Safety Features it has.


Or it may require a Dynamic Calibration, which is driving the vehicle. 

Both require the running of Diagnostic Software during the process to ensure the system is returned to Manufacturers Specifications.

Autoglass Professionals are certified to install and Re-Calibrate your windscreen back to Manufacturers Standards for both private jobs, and insurance claims !!!!